The primary purpose for the protocol you will find on this page is first, to serve as an avenue through which the Body of Christ will be equipped to answer its Biblical mandate to care for widows. God’s Word promises a blessing to those who care for not only the world’s most abused and marginalized people group, but the only member of the human race to whom God has promised to be their husband.

When the Church does its part, widows all over the world will be girded up and endowed with the comfort, healing and armament they will need to serve as the example to the church Jesus ordained for them to be, in preparation for the dark times ahead written about in Luke 17:22-36 and Luke 18:1-8.

Right after Jesus described the dark times of faint hearts and tribulation to come in Luke 17, he uses a widow as the example to His followers of how we “at all times ought to pray and not lose heart.” (Luke 18:1 NASB) Extraordinary. Could it be that satan, the enemy of God and man has worked throughout history to hide, marginalize, make light of, silence, and abuse one of God’s most critical allies and greatest example to the world and the church in the days before He returns?

Believers, if you answer your call, the widows of this world can heal and reject the lie that they have little or no purpose or future and rise up as the beacon of fortitude and strength they are called to be.

And for you, dear Widowed Friend... after you have mended a bit and can breathe again, the “Life After Breath” protocol can be yours to champion in your church and to other widows. No one else will know the depths of a widow’s suffering and pain as well as you.
You have a future; a sacred future. You have a voice, and a call to fulfill, and it’s time.

I’ve been praying for you. Keep breathing and hold fast.